Does Your Business Need Brand Management?

Does Your Business Need Brand Management?

An internet presence can be a blessing or curse, depending on how you handle your brand management. Take all the current social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, mix in review sites, such as Trip Advisor and Angie’s List, and then sprinkle a couple of blogs on top, and you have an absolute playground of opportunity for anyone wishing to trash or discredit your product or services.

An unfortunate truth is that potential customers will generally ignore ten positive reviews and focus on the one negative one. That negative review may be factual. Perhaps one of your employees was having a bad day and was rude to a customer. Or possibly a new employee who wasn’t trained thoroughly provided wrong information. Or maybe you had a faulty product slip through production. Whatever the reason, it has resulted in negative feedback in a public forum.

However, a negative hit on the internet could also very well be a disgruntled former employee just trying to get payback. It also could be your competitor playing dirty pool and trashing your reputation on the internet in the hope that it results in a boost in their own business.

Your business is only as good as its reputation. Marketing is a tricky business, and while a good marketing plan can make your business grow and prosper, failing to properly protect your brand can cost you customers and ultimately destroy your hard work.

How Does Brand Management Work?

Brand management is exactly what it sounds like – managing your company brand. More specifically, it involves protecting your company brand. Simply monitoring and handling negative comments or complaints quickly when they happen can reduce the long term impact on your business.

One of the top priorities is to handle any negative press promptly. The longer it sits out there, the more people have the opportunity to see and believe it, or even worse, add to it.

Some complaints can be handled just by addressing the customer’s issue, whether publicly or privately. However, in an instance where the negative feedback on your business isn’t even coming from one of your customers, it might be best to “bury” the complaint and make sure positive feedback ranks higher on a search engine results page. A professional internet marketing company knows exactly how to accomplish this.

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