Protect and Monitor your Online Reputation

As the world leader in Online Search Engine Reputation Management, we care about what others think of you.

How Your Reputation Can Be Damaged.

The best company’s reputation can be destroyed in a matter of a few minutes on the Internet by almost anyone: a disgruntled employee, an unhappy customer or client, or even a competitor. Review sites work hard on their own search engine optimization to promote their own business model while projecting the image of “protecting the public,” but these sites do little to validate the accuracy or confirm the validity of submissions and thus are subject to abuse which can cause permanent damage to many good companies. Legal action is costly and mostly ineffective due to freedom of speech issues and the technical difficulties of identifying the persons behind false, inaccurate, and misleading information and complaints.

A negative online reputation could cost your company new clients, current clients, tens of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars in lost business.

Two-Phase Approach Move Negative Results

We effectively promote positive results to the top spots in the major search engines through a variety of techniques. These results and the messaging on these results will be completely in your control. During the Reputation Management process, the results will gradually become more balanced as the positive results begin to mix with the negative results. Over time, all of the negative results are out ranked (moved) by the positive results. Depending on the size of the Reputation Management project, negative results can be pushed all the way off of page 3 of the affected search results.

Divert Unhappy Customers from “Review Sites” to Get Them to Talk to You

Most Reputation Management companies fall seriously short in providing a complete Reputation Management solution by only addressing the movement of negative results. You can’t simply stop there. Unhappy customers are a part of doing business. Most companies simply can’t satisfy all of their customers all of the time. What differentiates good companies from great companies is how they handle an unhappy customer. Further, many companies only utilize the Internet for marketing purposes. By creating an online platform for unhappy customers to communicate with you to resolve their problems, we can satisfy their need to “vent” or publicly complain online. Reputation Management is an ongoing process for as long as your company is going to be online (probably forever). In order to have a good online reputation, you must reduce the number of negative results that are generated. Diverting them to your online customer service resources can help manage those problems permanently.