EC: Online Reputation

Avoiding the Virtual Assassination of Your Online Reputation

Small businesses must remain vigilant and proactively defend their name brand against constant threats to their online reputation. These businesses are continually assaulted with negative information that can significantly impact the general public’s perception of their company. The small business owner often feels frustrated due to these stressful situations.

Hiring a reputation management company is often a simple way to protect their name brand and preserve their reputation. The stakes are often high because the failure to restore a business’s reputation will result in the loss of customers, revenue reductions, and can eventually end in devastation. Reputation management firms are able to repair reputations and actually improve a business’s reputation and online presence.

The reputation management firm that you choose should be trustworthy and knowledgeable. will work with clients to develop a customized plan using multiple strategies. By utilizing a variety of different techniques, we can improve your reputation, expand your customer base, and repair damages to your reputation.

Using Communication to Reduce Reputation Risk

Reputation risk can be significantly reduced by eliminating forums where consumers are permitted to post anonymously. Reputation managers will close these open communication loops and establish systems that permit direct communication between the customer and the business. The customers are carefully redirected to locations where they are able to ask their business questions and then receive a response.

Small businesses must objectively engage customers and carefully listen to their comments. These interactions will often highlight ongoing issues with a business’s products or services. These communications can be used by the business to make improvements and streamline their business process. A good reputation manager will encourage businesses to engage in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media sites provide both businesses and consumers with the ability to interact and communicate with each other.

Small businesses must be careful when dealing with online communication, because it can be both a bane and a blessing. If a message or photo goes viral, then it can result in a sudden increase in website hits and customer orders. But, sometimes the content posted through social media sites can be detrimental to a business’s online reputation. Reputation management firms can monitor social media sites, bolster customer communications, and improve consumer loyalty by releasing targeted information.

Importance of Defending Against Online Reputation Assaults

Businesses both large and small can be the subject of negative publicity. If you do not believe this, then just go to Google News and search for the keyword “reputation.” Recent results illustrate a scandal that involves Volkswagen, a German automotive manufacturer, and its use of technology to avoid complying with the emission requirements of the United States. Many other articles involve a variety of allegations and accusations that feature police officers, local parks, clothing designers and even foreign currency.

A reputation crisis can erupt suddenly and without warning. Just consider the issues regarding the reputations of Kim Davis who is a Rowan County Clerk in Kentucky, or the negative publicity that surrounded Walter Palmer who is a dentist in Minnesota. Circumstances occurred that negatively impacted the reputation of both of these individuals. Even in these conditions, the use of a reputation manager would assist the aforementioned businesses and individuals with helping to mitigate the derogatory information and repair their identities.

Everyone Has a Digital Footprint and a Reputation

Each individual, business, and organization has a digital footprint that represents their online presence. Even if a business has decided to not participate in social media or develop a website, then they will still have a digital footprint. This is because the Internet is home to a plethora of information that includes voter registration data, business registrations, telephone numbers, addresses, and more. There are also many indexes and review sites that include references to people and companies that do not actively maintain an online presence. Even businesses that do not have a website can be adversely affected by derogatory information, low ratings, and online slander. Therefore, any businesses without an online marketing program should utilize the services of an online reputation management firm to monitor and resolve any issues.