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How Top Online Reputation Management Companies Deal With Reviews

How do you handle a bad review? The top online reputation management companies have a number of ways to approach the issue depending largely on where it’s posted, how the review goes, and what sort of options your company has to correct any perceived offenses. It’s a careful balancing act, which is part of the reason why online reputation management services exist: to help you navigate these challenges and end up looking the way you would like when you come out the other side.

Tricks of the Top Online Reputation Management Companies for Comments

There are at least a few tricks that the top online reputation management companies use to know when to reply to a comment and when not to. While this isn’t the case in all circumstances, it’s a pretty good guideline to help you make sure that you’re not making the problem worse.

First, avoid responding to comments on websites that list your company as a scam or ripoff. Places like that often are a haven for customers that have experienced extremely long bouts of frustration with your company, and there is very little you can do at this point to please them and make them an ally. What replying to sites like that does is actually give more juice to the page, helping it rise in the rankings of search engines and actually making things worse for you. You won’t be able to please everybody and, while you should endeavor to make every customer happy, it’s important to accept that you can’t always accomplish this goal.

Social media, however, is a great way to reach out to customers that are upset. Twitter is particularly useful for this, since people will often mention the company’s Twitter handle in their complaint, letting your social media team know that there is something wrong and making it simple to respond. Having somebody monitoring the Facebook page and responding to (rather than deleting) critical comments with solutions is very effective. Just remember: always stay professional and don’t be sarcastic, or you may be making things even worse for yourself. No reputation management company can help you then.

Finally, long form reviews are generally not something you want to get involved with. The time and effort that went into the review means that this is not an upset customer but rather somebody who came at the product critically, looking for pros and cons to report. You’re not supposed to change their mind; they’re not looking for that, and most online reputation management services will tell you the same.

Get the Right Guidance

These are only some very loose tips and, as mentioned, don’t always apply. Instead of trying to figure it all out yourself, get one of the top online reputation management companies, such as RepManagement.com, to help you craft and maintain your online image.