Business Reputation Online

Who Controls Your Business Reputation Online – You, or Strangers?

Your business reputation online should not be left in the hands of anonymous users. With social media, commentary websites, and review websites a prevalent part of how consumers interact with and look for companies, you cannot afford to leave your online reputation to the whims of internet users. Notoriously fickle, the internet often gives consumers carte blanche to write whatever they want about an interaction with a given company or business.

While this can sometimes mean that you get free publicity and good advertising, more often than not it is the disgruntled customer that ends up spouting off on a review website. Most review sites are not particularly rigorous about checking the validity of reviews, and all it takes is one or two upset customers to start a negative trend. With customers often resorting to Google and internet searches to determine a company’s business practices and reputation before they ever make contact with the company itself, a negative review on a consumer review site can be extremely damaging to your business reputation online. At That! Company, reputation management is just one of the services we offer to help you improve your online image and ensure that upset customers are few and far between.

How We Manage Your Business Reputation Online

While no business can ever hope to please everyone one hundred percent of the time, an important part of your online reputation involves providing customers with methods to deal with problems in a constructive manner. Offering customers a chance to give positive feedback or contact your customer service department for problem resolution can go a long way toward preventing negative reviews and feedback. At That! Company, we’ll begin your reputation management by reviewing your current policies and practices to see if you are providing the best customer service possible to help dissuade negative reviews before they ever occur. This prevention-first strategy is a proven method to improving your internet reputation in the long term.

That! Company will also review your company’s online reputation as it currently stands. By using search engine optimization, and with a deep understanding of how search engines and review sites ping negative reviews to the top of search lists, That! Company can help showcase positive information about your business while reducing the appearance and presence of negative and harmful reviews.

While some companies “stuff” sites with fake positive reviews to achieve this, That! Company avoids this unethical and illegal practice, instead focusing on raising the hits and rankings of positive information associated with your company. Because internet users are less likely to look several pages deep into search results, bringing positive information to the top of the search list through search engine optimization can effectively improve your business reputation online. For the best in reputation management, contact That! Company today.