Corporate Reputation

Imagine the cost of what maintaining your own Corporate Reputation could be.

It is always a good idea to have a strategy to manage your corporate reputation, especially given the prevalence of social media marketing and networking in the internet focused economy. Without having someone to manage your company’s reputation, you are missing an entire avenue of marketing that has proven to be incredibly successful for other companies. After all, if your competitors are taking advantage of a marketing track, shouldn’t you be trying to as well? With an account manager from THAT Internet Company, you can rest assured that your online image is being actively improved and any kind of negative impact is being minimized.

Imagine the cost of maintaining your own corporate reputation; not only do you have to pay for the IT person to manage it; you have to pay a salary to any member of that staff. Additionally, you have the cost of physically housing the office and equipment. Furthermore, purchasing the online equipment in terms of computers, routers, networking, server space, and so forth, can become quite expensive over time; especially when you consider regular upgrades. Instead of the massive cost and time investment of running your own IT department, consider using the trusted experts at THAT Internet Company to manage your online presence for you.

There are multiple benefits to having THAT Internet Company manage your corporate reputation, aside from the cost factor. By having a strategy to maintain a solid online presence, you can ensure that not only does your company avoid negative press, the positive reviews that are generated will increase the search engine rankings so that clients are directed only to your website and your customer service; not some third party review site. The danger of those review sites are such that while they advertise as promoting the public good, there is often no oversight on what is posted.

Because there is no oversight, there can be quite a large impact to your corporate reputation. A single dishonest employee can post hundreds of damaging reviews, and even if the poster Is an honest client, having a person who has made it their online goal to ruin your reputation can have a large impact on your company. THAT prevents this by making sure that there are the right kind and right number of positive reviews on your products to make sure that any negativity is at least balanced out, if not outweighed altogether.

Don’t delay – there is no reason to go another day without having a valid marketing strategy for your company’s online presence. With an account manager to focus on your corporate reputation, you can rest assured that good things are being said about your product.