Do You Need to Improve Your Internet Reputation?

Do You Need to Improve Your Internet Reputation?

Have a couple of bad apples ruined your business’s internet reputation? We see it every day. An unhappy customer or even a disgruntled former employee gets online and posts negative comments, photos, or videos which are harmful to your company’s internet reputation. Worse, they might even go so far as to start a blog focused on tearing down your firm. While people will tend to ignore positive feedback on a business or individual, they seem to cling to anything juicy or negative.

While you can’t undo or completely prevent any and all negativity regarding your goods or services, you can utilize a reputation management specialist to handle those situations for you and minimize the aftereffects. Indeed, it can be a good idea to do this rather than trying to manage your online reputation yourself. Often, just knowing where to look and monitoring all public information regarding your company is only half the battle.

Managing your reputation online means watching all the basic social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. It also means examining individual blogs, news feeds, and competitors’ websites. And once you have found the negative information, what do you do with it? The whole thing can just be too overwhelming.

That! Company Can Save Your Internet Reputation

That! Company is a leader in all facets of internet marketing. Our SEO division can help move your website to the top results spots with the most commonly used search engines. We can manage your social media marketing, guaranteeing your business makes regular, relevant posts or tweets designed to evoke the maximum results. Our reputation marketing division is devoted to monitoring all information put online regarding your business and responding to it appropriately.

By “responding,” we might literally mean responding to an unhappy customer regarding their complaint. Sometimes a person just needs to be heard, commiserated with, apologized to, and to experience some sort of resolution. Perhaps, at least at some level, the customer is justified in their displeasure. It might be due to an employee encounter which you might otherwise have been unaware of.

However, the person making the negative waves might not even be a legitimate customer. It could be a former employee trying to make trouble, or your competitor hoping to tarnish your name in an effort to steal your potential customers. While that might seem dirty or even unfathomable to you, it happens every day. The anonymity of the internet makes it easy for an unhappy person to get “pay back.”

That! Company can help to minimize the damage from these type of posts. We are experienced in knowing how to bury or eliminate these type of blemishes, and preserve and protect your internet reputation.