How Would You Rate Your Web Reputation?

How Would You Rate Your Web Reputation?

Are you satisfied with your web reputation, or is there room for improvement? Having a well-designed website used to give you all the web presence you needed. Now, you have to be competitive and proactive at getting (and keeping) that website at the top of the search engine results page.

However, driving people to your website loses its effectiveness if the negative internet press on your company outweighs the positive claims you make about yourself on your website.

The internet has taken “word of mouth” to an entirely new level. It’s been made simple to voice your opinion, as a consumer, on any company you patronize and their goods and services… or even the ones you don’t.

That’s the trickiest part. Anybody can blog, post or tweet about your business. Their claims don’t have to be verified or justified in any way. They don’t even have to be from an actual customer, but can be from a former employee or one of your competitors.

Scary, isn’t it? This is why you need That! Company, a reputation marketing expert, to protect your business’s good name.

How We Protect Your Web Reputation

We take a multi-pronged approach to protecting your business’s internet reputation. First of all, you may be able to prevent the random slander by providing a proper forum for customer feedback. For instance, a product/services feedback place on your own website, where you have better odds of controlling the fallout and are immediately notified of any negative posts, gives you an opportunity to respond.

Responding is another important step in managing your web reputation. Taking the time to thank a customer for positive feedback can help you to cement a long-term relationship and repeat business. When a customer is unhappy and voices it publicly, a simple apology and an attempt to correct the situation may stop the bleeding immediately.

However, when a more serious issue arises, it might not be as simple to just put a bandage on it. The negative posts may be here to stay. In this event, That! Company specialists are trained at burying it among the search engine results. As the average consumer rarely goes past the first two to three pages of results, SEO practices can be implemented to ensure your positive internet information shows up prior to any negative comments on the results page, reducing the number of potential customers who will see it.

Your web reputation is important to you and to us, and should be protected. Call That! Company today for a consultation.