Internet Reputation

Your internet reputation is a valuable marketing tool

Internet reputation is a careful balancing act comprised of your company’s web site, publications, reviews, and links that reference your business or website. How can you possibly manage the reputation of all these bits that make up your web presence? Why should you even worry about your internet reputation? After all, you are not a high school student anymore, and your business is hardly rated by what other people think. That assumption, however, is incorrect and can be costly. Your business is often rated by what people think and say. Thus, your internet reputation is a valuable part of your advertising and business presence and needs to be nurtured and maintained.

Thinking of your internet reputation as part of your marketing and advertising is a wise choice. Today, many consumers use the internet to research a company prior to using their services or buying from them. Ratings from other customers can play as large of a part in choosing which businesses to patronize as location, price, and necessity of items or services. Particularly because the internet eliminates much of the need for buying locally only, it is important that your business have the strongest web presence possible. Your online reputation, however, can be easily damaged by careless monitoring or by disgruntled customers. While consumer websites are designed to protect customer interests by flagging poor business practices, they are also, unfortunately, providing a forum to impossible-to-please customers who are waiting to bash your company to bits. Since it is impossible to completely please all customers all the time, odds are that negative reviews of your company will eventually surface on the internet.

How is this a problem? Negative reviews and a negative internet reputation can severely lessen your sales and the number of advertisement-to-business conversions that your company makes. It is important that you keep a positive online reputation. How can you do this if negative reviews have already been posted? Th@t! Company has the answers to keeping your online reputation healthy and repairing any previous damage done.

Using search engine optimization and marketing techniques, Th@t! Company will ensure that positive reviews and advertising related to your company appear in the top search results in major search engines. This will allow the first impression of your company to be positive and helpful to consumers. The added benefit to this is that negative reviews will be pushed further and further back in search engine listings. Since web users tend to focus on the first few results and pages of results, negative reviews that are further back in the search engine listings will become diminishingly relevant. This burying of negative reviews effectively eliminates them over time, without resorting to illegal and unethical “stuffing” of fake positive reviews on websites. If you need help repairing your internet reputation, Th@t! Company can help your business.