Reputation Management: Definition of Online PR

Reputation Management: Definition of Online PR

What is reputation management? Definition of this task is not difficult; it’s exactly what it sounds like – managing your reputation. While you might think this is only necessary for large conglomerates, a small local business can be destroyed even faster with bad online exposure. Thus, there is a need to protect your business’s internet reputation.

That! Company understands reputation management. Definition of your current reputation so we know where you stand is just the beginning, as this service is one of our specialties. We are skilled in all areas of internet marketing, from creating an effective website to increasing your business by developing and implementing effective SEO and PPC marketing strategies to help boost your visibility on the internet search engine results pages. However, reputation management is one of the trickiest and most delicate areas of our expertise.

You are only as good as your reputation. Word of mouth can bring hordes of customers straight to your shop or your web page. However, just one negative Facebook post or unflattering (even unfair) YouTube video can drive all of your customers and potential customers away.

While you can’t control what others post, you can control how you react to it.

First of all, timing is of the essence. The longer the negative press is out there, the more people see it. So, it is important that you be aware of it as soon as possible and begin any necessary damage control immediately.

Reputation Management: Definition of Success

Managing your reputation is the key to success. Word of mouth is the oldest and most effective form of marketing. Positive feedback is powerful to the growth of your business. However, negative feedback can destroy you quickly.

Our strategy is simple. We start by monitoring the internet for mention of your company. Then we increase exposure of the positive comments and minimize exposure of the negative.

Feedback today can come in many forms. There is social media – with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. News outlets, consumer report sites, travel rating sites, Angie’s List, and an endless amount of blog sites give an unlimited number of outlets for people to maintain anonymity and let their voice be heard.

It can be overwhelming for a small business owner to monitor and address comments/feedback on all of these sites. Some of the feedback you see may not even be from actual customers of yours, but rather from disgruntled former employees or your competition. That! Company has a trained staff who are exceptional in the handling of reputation management, and can differentiate legitimate feedback from biased, destructive criticism.

If you want to learn more about the true reputation management definition and how an experienced reputation management firm can help your business, call That! Company today for a consultation.