That! Company: Your Online Reputation Marketing Expert

That! Company: Your Online Reputation Marketing Expert

That! Company has been acknowledged as an online reputation marketing expert for companies of all sizes, all across the nation. We specialize in all areas of online marketing, including website development, SEO marketing strategies, social media management, and reputation marketing. To build a truly successful, well-rounded internet marketing plan, all four of these areas should be working together.

For instance, you can build a pretty, flashy website, and even drive lots of traffic to that website through proper SEO practices – however, if social media outlets are full of negative press posted by your dissatisfied customers, it is unlikely your business will get many new online customers.

Today’s customers are tech savvy. The internet has increased their options regarding who they do business with. They no longer have to shop at the store down the street, but can get the same product from nearly anywhere in the nation. This increased competition makes having a positive reputation even more vital to your business’s success. That is what makes online reputation marketing so important.

How Does Online Reputation Marketing Work?

Reputation marketing is a simple concept. It starts by monitoring what is being said about your business. If it is positive, helpful data, share it and maximize the number of potential customers who might see it. However, if it is negative feedback or comments, remove or at least minimize it.

One of the first steps, after identifying public mention of your company, is to identify the source. Do you have an unhappy customer which you might still be able to turn around? Often, a customer simply wants to be heard and have their displeasure acknowledged. By addressing their concerns, whether they are truly justified or not, you might be able to put an end to their online assault of your business.

However, sometimes a customer cannot be made happy. They wage online war to persuade others not to solicit your goods or services. Additionally, due to the anonymity of the internet, it might not even be a legitimate customer making the negative claims. You could have a former employee or even your competition trashing you online.

By sorting out the source of the complaints, we can take the proper approach to handling the negative press. Using technology to our advantage, we can sometimes simply bury the harmful feedback beneath a ton of legitimate, positive feedback in hopes that the majority of the internet searchers will never even see it.

Your internet reputation is important, as once something is out there, it is hard to make it go away – unless you have a knowledgeable, capable online reputation marketing company on your side. Contact us today!