What is Reputation Risk Management?

What is Reputation Risk Management?

If you have a website, you may need reputation risk management services. These are exactly what they sound like – services that manage the risks which can threaten your reputation. With today’s internet climate and the accessibility and popularity of social media, it doesn’t take much effort or imagination to voice your displeasure publicly.

While social media makes the spreading of good news simple and fast, bad news spreads even faster. Someone makes a post or shares a video or photo, and all of their friends start chiming in. Then someone else shares it and all of their friends see it. A post can go global on Facebook in just a few hours. YouTube videos go viral daily. How many times has the “fake death” of a celebrity gone global, with millions believing it, in just hours?

With news spreading like wildfire on the internet, it is logical to think you might need a reputation risk management company to keep things under control.

That! Company: A Reputation Risk Management Expert

That! Company is an industry leader in all aspects of internet marketing. We are experienced in web design and maintenance, SEO marketing strategies, social media management, and reputation risk management.

While many small businesses feel they can handle this for themselves, it can get quite overwhelming. Managing your social media is more than just making a daily Facebook post. To properly manage your internet reputation, you not only have to consider what you post on your own site, but also what others are posting on theirs. This can quickly become overwhelming for a small business owner. This is where our reputation management services come into play.

One tip we give our customers is to provide a controlled outlet for customer feedback, perhaps on your own website. Many times, customers simply want to feel that their voice is being heard.

That! Company monitors the internet to catch any references, good or bad, made about your business. Once information is discovered, we then analyze it to determine whether it is a legitimate post from a customer, as it could be someone just trying to make trouble, or a former employee, or even your competition. Based on the source of the comments, we then either respond to an unhappy customer and attempt to salvage a customer relationship, or we begin attempting to “bury” the negative comments to reduce the number of customers or potential customers who might see it.

This is accomplished by using some basic SEO principles and prioritizing the results rankings based on what you want the public to see.

Either way, the main goal is to stop the spread of the bad press by utilizing the best reputation risk management practices.