Your Online Reputation, Economy, and Product

Your Online Reputation, Economy, and Product

When assessing your business as to where it stands and why, there are many factors to consider, such as your online reputation, economy, and your actual product and services. You can have a great product, with a great reputation, but are marketing it in the wrong economy and watching your business struggle. For example, when the economy is bad and the stock market is down, people tend to cut out luxury items. So if your product or service is considered a luxury or indulgent purchase, such as travel, adult toy (boat, camper, 4 wheeler), spa services, etc, you may have to reconsider the way you market them to the public.

Sometimes, however, you could have a great product or service and market it properly, in the right economy, and yet your internet reputation could be costing you business.

With all of the internet sites one can access to let their voice be heard, all businesses need to beware. The internet provides a free, anonymous platform to voice your pleasure or displeasure with anybody you do business with. While this can be great for you when the feedback is positive, it can be detrimental when it is negative.

What’s More Important in Business: Online Reputation, Economy, or Product?

Generally, all three of these need to align for your business to be successful. While you can survive and even thrive in a bad economy, it is much easier to achieve success when your online reputation, economy, and a good product/service are all in conjunction with each other.

While we can’t fix the economy or your product or services, That! Company can repair and protect your internet reputation. We are national leaders in all aspects of internet marketing. We can build you a competitive website, create and implement a successful SEO strategy, and provide reputation management services.

What is Reputation Management?

Our reputation management division specializes in monitoring and managing any and all mention of your business on the internet. Whether it is on social media, a consumer reporting site, or even an individual blog, we are alerted. Then we can decide how best to use the online feedback. If it is positive feedback which can help your business, we maximize its exposure to your potential customers. However, if it is negative press, we employ technological resources to minimize its impact and the number of people who might see it.

While the saying might be “there is no such thing as bad press,” negative feedback regarding your goods or services can destroy a small business in a short amount of time. As you consider growth and changes in your business, consider your online reputation, economy, and your goods or services.